When Is Encouragement Necessary

A lot of different things and situations result to the need for encouragement words.What I am trying to say is that from time to time we are confronted with certain situations that calls for more than just experience and a drive to make it. If you are not sure about what to say on what occasion especially in terms of bible verse about encouragement then take a few minutes to go through this short but important post.

The Loss of a loved one

Losing someone you love is not easy and if you know someone who needs some encouragement words then do take the time to share something positive. They need to hear good things and positive talk. Be weary of overdoing it. It is important to say the right things all the time or else you will exacerbate the situation.

Grieving people go through various phases of grief and you need to be sensitive to understand the grieving process and what words to say at each stage.

Someone starting a new job

Being in a new office can be overwhelming for most people. If you know someone who has just started in a new job then you better think of ways to make that person settle in. If the person has a good sense of humour, just write him or her some poems of hope and encouragement about being in a new job.

Someone living in a foreign country

Being in a foreign country can be so frustrating especially if you can not understand the local language. You may start asking yourself what you are doing there anyway and missing home is inevitable. In fact a friend of mine fell into a major depression 2 weeks after moving into a new country. This person spent two months seriously ill due to depression.

There are many more people who need to be encouraged from time to time. These include those who are sick and those in prisons. So while you are going about basking in the fulfilment of your life, do take sometime to say a positive word to someone who needs it.