What is the role of midwives during pregnancies

One of the methods of delivering a baby is using a midwife.This method is usually done at your own homes.And also, this method is usually done naturally.  What we mean by naturally is without the use of drugs.  There are many women who have chosen this method for many benefits.  Some of the benefits include no drugs and a more relaxed environment at home.So now let us take a look at some of the roles that a midwife does during a delivery.

So let us first define what a midwife really is.A midwife is someone who assists pregnant women during their delivery of their babies.They are usually not doctors.  But as a San Diego midwife there is many other things that I know a midwife does.  Of course, they are not doctors but they do have many roles that help.

Most of the time, their jobs concentrate on assisting in the delivery of the babies.  But they also advice and help during pregnancy. Plus they also advice and help post delivery.  So most women who are midwives San Diego have a huge job when it comes to pregnancy and delivery.A lot of pregnant women seek their help and advice.Although most of them are not nurses or doctors, the women still trust their advice.

But the biggest help of midwives is during the delivery itself. This is especially true in a homebirth setting.  Of course midwives help in hospitals.But when it comes to home birthing their responsibility grows larger. As I mentioned earlier as a San Diego midwife although not usually a doctor or nurse they do have training medically.This training will make them be ready for any emergency that might arise during the delivery.

So those are some of the things that a midwife does.As you can see they have a very big responsibility.But a lot of midwives have done a great job.They have helped a lot of women during the many years they have been midwives.And they will continue to do so as midwifery becomes more popular to mothers in the years to come.