Using Reverse Phone Detective to Find Loved Ones

You may be getting a lot of phone calls when you really don’t want them. The phone never fails to ring the second we sit down at the dinner table. We have a basic rule that the phone is never answered during meal time, however once we have finished eating there is nothing wrong with checking caller ID to see who called while we were eating. There hardly ever seems to be any messages, regardless of how many calls have been received.

In the past, I used to simply walk away and leave it alone seeing the same numbers each and every day. Whenever I tried to call back, I got one of the following: someone I wanted to talk to (which was rare), computer signal noises, or someone in India.

One of my boys really advised that I do a reverse phone lookup to find out who it was that called me. Not even a single thought about it came into my mind ,it sounds like a Law & Order thing. As expected an internet search for “reverse phone lookup” yielded what I needed.

The online reverse lookup program allowed me to find the number of a telemarketer so I could annoy the crap out of them. I returned their call and told them not to ever call me again and they never called me again!

I used this service as well to get in touch with several old friends who called me but didn’t leave a message. I was glad that I could talk to them, but now I’m wondering how many important calls that I missed.

I used the reverse phone number search so often that I bookmarked it on my browser.

If you take time to watch the Reverse Phone Detective video it will reveal some cool things. There were a ton of other features beside the simple reverse phone number lookup — some stuff that really sounded like detective tools:

* Stop annoying telemarketers
* Find prank callers
* Research numbers that pop up on your phone bill
* Find someone’s address with their phone number
* Research missed calls on your caller ID that you don’t recognize
* Use old numbers to find old friends
* Reverse cell phone lookup and landline lookup

Aside from the number lookup, there were lots of other features, including some that seemed like real detective tools; I could imagine it being put to good use checking up on your kids or your spouse’s activities. I only used it to locate a couple friends and tell off telemarketers.

The service is legal because the information that is used is all from public records. Your privacy can be enhanced with the Reverse Phone Detective. When you no longer want to be part of the online phone directory, you can choose to opt-out of the service.