The Best Bed Linen

Does thread count affect the quality of bed linen and is it the most important thing to think about when buying? This article talks about all the considerations to bear in mind when purchasing linen.

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It is a widely held belief that a linen with a high thread count is of better quality than one with a low thread count. Maybe thread count is overemphasized and other factors to take into consideration are then overlooked such as the type of fabric. It would be wrong to think that all bed linen was made from linen

Yes actually thread count does affect the quality of the linen and yes the higher the thread count the better the linen. If we put other factors into the picture though like fiber quality, yarn size and the finish then its importance tends to diminish. The emphasis that has been placed on the thread count can all be attributed to the marketing media. At this point it would help to go through the other qualities and how much of an effect they have on bed linen.

The 100% cotton sheets are the most popular. Now two things will affect the quality of a cotton sheet. How long is the cotton fiber; a longer fiber will always result in a stronger material. This is what gives rise to the various kinds of cotton like Pima cotton and Egyptian cotton. Next we look at the size of the yarn which gives an idea of the fineness of the linen. If you have heard of the terms sinlge ply, two ply and so on this is where they come in and a multiple wound fabric is of better quality than one with less yarn.

Once it is done the linen should undergo a process that is meant to make its color last longer and free of creases. In conclusion you will come across linen that is made from maybe nylon with a high thread count and costing a lot of money but not being strong at all. In such cases you are better of settling for a material that is strong but having a lower thread count. At least a stronger material will last longer. So you see then that it’s not all about the thread count.