Sample Car Hire Tour – Durban, South Africa

This article will give you ideas on choosing the best car rental for touring Durban, South Africa. I will tell you the things you need to know before deciding to settle for a particular agency so that you can get the best deal available.

Touring a city as large as this will take more than two days so you will be needing a car for a long period. Whilst car rental agencies do have daily rates and charges per km you will find some that are flexible and willing to offer cover charges for periods that are usually longer than two days.

You should know for how many days you will need the car and consider period you need it in. What I’m saying is that weekend rates and holiday rates for renting a car will be more expensive than renting the car at any other normal time. You can plan your trip to be outside these times. This will save you lots of money I assure you.

You need to bear in mind the terrain of the places you want to visit. Are you interested in an inter city tour or you might want to see a bit of the outside world.These things will determine the car that you choose also having fuel cost and consumption in mind. Having said that you can check out any of the following for some good deals:cheap car hire, cars to rent, car rentals gauteng

There are some tour operators that you could possibly sign up with but the trouble with tour operators is that everything is done according to their timetable. If you want a tour that will be flexible and accommodating then car rental is the way to go. Do a little research and compare the different agencies and don’t forget an online booking will get you a discount.