Natural Treatments for Panic Disorder

A simple definition of anxiety are feelings of uneasiness, not being able to concentrate, and tenseness of the body

If those symptoms are what you have been experiencing and it occurs often, you should visit a physician to get examined.

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Physical massage treatments called Bodywork reduce stress, improve sleep habits, and release tension in the muscles. You should definitely try to get a massage every couple months to lower the stress in your body and make you more calm.

Passion flower is some other natural cure that has been known to cause anxiety relief as well as insomnia relief.

Some researchers have shown that passion flower can work as good as some anxiety and panic attack medications

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Passion flower has also shown an improvement in ones ability to perform certain job functions without causing you to get drowsy.

Some side effects associated with passion flower are nausea, vomiting, fast beating heart, and drowsiness. It has been reported in some cases that supplements that contained passion flower in their ingredients had stimulated mental problems It has not been proved that the cause was from passion flower.

for anxiety, passion flower still has its critics and also those who support it.Do not combine drugs with sedative properties with passion flower, without first consulting a doctor.

As a remedy for insomnia, Valerian is even more widely known. It has also been used for patients who where suffering mild anxiety, as with other herbal drugs they’re a limited amount of supporting research..

Directions for valerian use are to take it about one hour before you go to sleep. For the effects to start revealing themselves it usually takes about 3 weeks, it is also recommended you only consume it for 3 months. A couple of effects tied with Valerian use are extreme head aches, a dizzy feeling, and excessive heart rate.

Valerian root comes in a couple of different forms such as in a tea and also in pill form. The tea form of Valerian has an distinct harsh smell, which causes people to choose the capsule.

Kava is next on our list of natural cures for anxiety. Kava has shown to have anxiety curing properties, and therefore becoming more widely used.

Negative press from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) stating that products with Kava can result in liver problems, has been a recent knock against the herbal remedy.

Last but not least on our list of natural cures for anxiety is exercise. Although its not a drug or said treatment, 30 minutes to 1 hour of working out a few times a week can go a long way in curing anxiety. Working out reduces stress and can be an addition to your anxiety medicine and treatment.

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