Midwifery in the 21st century

One way of delivering a baby is by hiring a midwife.Although it is not a popular choice among mothers it is already gaining a following.The reason why it is not as popular is maybe because a lot of people think it is not safe.What I meant was that not a lot of technological advances are being used in this method.And it is because of this lack of technology use that people think it is not a safe method to deliver a baby.So in this article we will be talking about the technological advances that midwifery incorporates in their practice.

Well as a San Diego midwife I know first hand that midwives are starting to use more technology.Although the main goal of midwifery is to use more natural ways in delivering a baby.It would still be possible to use some technology in this method.  For example midwives are equipped with ultrasound technology.  So finding the sex of the baby can be done with a midwife.

Another advancement that is being done in my homebirth midwife San Diego service is that we do have emergency equipment at birth.Technology like things that can resuscitate.And other emergency equipments that may be needed during the delivery.These technological advances in midwifery make it more safer than ever.

Another advance being done with my waterbirth in San Diego service is the waterbirth kits being used.Waterbirth is a method of giving birth to a baby by putting the mother in a tub of water.The kits help in making the delivery easier.It also allows for a safer delivery for both the baby and the mother as well.

As you can see midwifery is more advanced now and safer than what people think of it.What people think of as old age practice is not really true.  This all leads to the fact that having a baby at home and with a midwife is safer then you think.  All of these advanced tools make having a baby at home as safe as having a baby in the hospital.So rest assured that homebirthing is a safe way to deliver your babies.