How to take care of two essential parts of your car

We need them, that is one certain thing about cars in our society. Many peope in many places can’t really endure living without a car. Yes there are buses but in this very busy life that makes it difficult.  Because cars are so important to our lives it makes sense to know how to care for them.  So we are going to look at two major parts of our car that always need to be maintained.

The first part that is so important to a car is the engine. This is like the heart of a car.It will die or stop working if you don’t take good care of this part of your car. So in my Escondido auto repair service I make sure my customers know how important this part is.But it is painless also to take good care of. If a person wants to keep his car in a good shape he will just do regular tune ups and change oils.

Next part of the car that is important is the transmission. This is critical in being able to drive your car. If your transmission breaks down so does any use of your car.  In my Carlsbad auto repair shop I see so many broken down transmissions.  Most of the breakdowns could have been avoided. The main method to do that is to ensure a sufficient supply of essential fluids at all times.Plus to ensure that changing gears are done gently and at a complete stop always.

As you can see taking care of your engine and transmission isn’t that difficult.  All it takes is a commitment to make sure to care for that part of your car.  I tell all of my clients of my shop that doing a little maintenance now will save them a lot of money later.  Those that are willing to do that end up having cars that last a long time without any problems.Those who don’t end up with cars that have to bring in many times due to problems.