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You can now find a number of flights from the UK to South Africa. You can place a reservation from any of the following airports. London (LON), London Heatthrow, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle and Birmingham. All flights departing from these airports can take you to Cape Town International Airport. Most of these flights will however have at least one stop over before reaching the Cape.

Examples of flights to book are The KLM, which flies via Amsterdam, The South African airways, which has one stop in Johannesburg; Virgin Atlantic which has a single stop over in in Johannesburg. You can also choose Air France, even though it has two stop overs i.e. flies to Cape Town via Paris De Gaulle and Johannesburg. If you are looking for a non-stop flight, then consider booking the British Airways.

of the above mentioned flights flights, KLM is the cheapest and Air France is one of the most expensive. Of course it would be hard to specify the figures as these change according to the time of the year. You would have to consider checking the prices from a comparison website.

Looking at the departure times, KLM lives London at 06:30 and arrives at Amsterdam at 09:05. It lives immediately for Cape Town and arrives in South Africa at 22:30 on the same day. The time for the whole journey is about 13 hours and 05 minutes.

With the South African airways, it lives London at 18:00 and arrives in Johannesburg at 07:25 the following day. It will then depart for Cape Town at 09.00hrs and arrive at 11.10hrs.

The non-stop air flight to Cape Town lives London at 16:45 and arrives there at 06:15 the following day. For the latest air fares and how to make your bookings check out any one of these:

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