Disney Costumes Shows Us The Inner You

Yo ho, yo ho a pirate’s life for me! With an adult Disney costume you can be a pirate or a mermaid. You can be a teapot or princess. By being a character from a world of make believe you can escape the real world for a little while no matter how old you are.

It is very interesting why people choose their costume. Could it be that who they choose is little bit of them? We are all characters and Disney has a way of pinpointing qualities we can relate to. I’m not a crab but a mom can feel a bit like Sebastian from Little Mermaid when running after teenagers.

A costume can represent a bit of ourselves that we may not even see. You may be Mrs. Potts, the hostess with mostest, or perhaps a bit devilish like Cruella Deville. You may be running around like Rabbit in who seems to be created before the term obsessive compulsive became popular. Or maybe you are more like Winnie the Pooh and somehow thinking how to get your head out of a honey pot because you just couldn’t control yourself.

Who wouldn’t want to be princess for a day or why not two? There is an array of Disney costumes to choose which princess fits your mood. Do you see the beauty in a beast like Belle or wish to have another life like Ariel or you may choose one of best known: a Mickey Mouse costume.

The Disney secret of capturing what we have inside of us and putting it to film is amazing. By being one of these characters we want to embrace who there are and have others see that in us as well.

And let us not forget about a Disney happy ending. Isn’t that how life is supposed to be? No matter what trials and obstacles we face we move forward because there is a happy ending before the credits of our life. Disney and Alice and Wonderland costumes keep us young and dreaming of our happily ever after.