Best DSLR Cameras For Beginners

This article talks about the kind of camera that is suitable for those wanting to start taking photography on a professional level. You can find cameras that are designed for those that are just starting photography professionally. Once you are comfortable and know how to shoot using this type then you might switch to the more advanced models.

The more advanced models usually cost slightly more than the normal range models. Back to your problem, the performance and functions of DSLR cameras within a particular range or category does not differ much. Picking one over another becomes a personal choice rather than anything to do with design.

I will however review two entry level DSLR cameras and you can choose one you like or use the information to compare with other products.

The Canon Rebel T1i and the Canon rebel XSi are the two cameras that I’m referring to. The optical image resolution and creative auto focus features result in some of the best pictures that you’ve ever taken. When it comes to their screens, mega pixel ratings and ISO settings they are basically the same.

The fact that the T1i has both video and still shot mode whilst the XSi has only still shot mode is a notable difference between the two. The XSi does not have creative auto focus mode which you will find in the T1i.

The other differences are considered minor and do not relate to performance. These extra features that the T1i has translate to a high purchase price for basically the same type of camera. Alternatively you could compare with other model entry level cameras, bearing in mind that you can find a no brand DSLR camera that performs just as good as the high brand names. You can find an even wider range of recommended entry level cameras at any one of the following: