An Out Of Town Family Reunion

Since 9/11, there has been a return to family-centric activities in America. Spending time together and planning a family reunion has become more and more popular. In fact, one in five U.S. adults said they took a trip to attend a family reunion within the past year. An estimated 72 million adults have been to a family reunion over the last three years. The travel industry says that more than half of all reunions are held at someone’s house (52%), although city or town parks (12%) and state parks or forests (6%) are also popular. However, nearly a third of all travelers reported going 500 miles or more to attend their family gathering, so travel experts say that family reunion vacations are on-the-rise.

One of the best ways to plan a family reunion is to book an all-inclusive family reunion cruise or a stay at an all-inclusive family reunion resort. This option is best suited for active and far-flung families, many of which have to travel across the country to get together with relatives anyway. This option is also suited for family members who enjoy a convenient, no-fuss vacation that allows for a myriad of fun family reunion activities. The best part about these family reunions is that there are no hidden expenses — generally all meals, sodas, transportation, rooms and entertainment are included. Additionally, no one has to cook, clean or drive anywhere! The one con to booking this way is that extra costs like shore excursions and alcohol expenses can potentially rack up the bill. One can expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $600 per person (plus airfare) for a 5-day cruise, assuming that 20 or more people attend. Naturally, the more people that go, the lower the price and often times, the party planner gets to sail or stay for free.

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida offers those planning a family reunion an enormous number of discounts and special perks. Disney is so much more than Mickey Mouse and kids’ rides. In fact, there are many adult-friendly attractions at the futuristic and culturally-rich exhibits at Epcot, the sprawling safari zoo at Animal Kingdom, the high-thrills movie adventures at Hollywood Studios and the storybook settings of the Magic Kingdom. Of course, who could forget the two Disney water-parks, namely the tropical paradise at Typhoon Lagoon or wintry wonderland at Blizzard Beach. The best time to go (to avoid crowds) is September or just after Thanksgiving. A family of 10 can visit Disney for 7 nights for about ,400 per person, which includes everything; the resort, park hopper tickets, dining plan, two special activities and airfare! Disney customer service representatives are skilled in helping organize your family reunion and the best deals are found by booking direct at

When planning a family reunion of this magnitude, it’s best to survey everyone and see which places stand out the most. Naturally, the family reunion planner does not want to exclude anyone, so some thought should be given as to what places have relaxing activities for older, frail adults and more adventurous programs for wild young children. The benefit of choosing a cruise, an all-inclusive resort or a place like Walt Disney World is that they really go the extra mile to create an inter-generational environment where everyone can find something they enjoy. To ensure the family doesn’t scatter their separate ways, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the special family reunion activities these places offer, such as private receptions, scavenger hunts or special excursions.

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