5 Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts

With the 2009 Christmas Holidays just around the corner, We are all making plans for holidays and how to make this day special for the loved ones. The kids are extremely excited as they brace themselves for all the gifts and exciting times. No longer are the children satisfied with it they received. Today, kids want to get the newest and the most interesting toys available in the market.

Here are the the hottest holiday toys for 2009 that are going to set those hearts racing this 2009 Christmas.


When planning a girl giftSome toys that never seem to go obsolete are the Snow Whites, Cinderallas and other beautiful dolls. Dolls have been in the hot toys lists since the early 90’s and continues on the hot Christmas list in 2009 for young children. Just make sure to check all the shops well in advance to get the latest and the most popular toys.

Electronic Toys

For kids in the age group of 5-10, techno and electronic toys are expected to be one of the hottest Christmas toys of 2009. Whether it is Ben Ten Ultimate Omnitrix, Zhu Zhu Pets, Nintendo games or the remote control toys, they are enjoyed for their interactivity, styling and close association with the real world.

Play Kitchen Items

Whether you are shopping for a girl or boy, Christmas is a great time to start showing them the ideas of cookingsince this is an important part of these celebrations. Through kitchen play toys, kids not only learn the importance of the traditions but also get involved in pretend play that encourages them to use their imagination and creativity. Arithmetics can also be a skill that is learned like half a cup, full cup or even a specific fraction.

Action Figures

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, GI Joe, original star wars action figures, are all extremely loved by kids. Such toys allow children to use their creativity and develop strategies to win. They kind of toys make them feel more confident and accomplished since it builds on their existing congitive skills.

High School Musical

These 5 ideas for 2009 Christmas gifts cannot be complete with the absense of the ultra popular high school musical gifts. With 3 part series already hitting the screens and enjoying thunderous success, the market is filled with toys ranging from dance mats, dolls to video games. The speed at which these kid gifts are disappearing from the toy shops.

Christmas is an occasion of family, frolic, laughter and quality family time. It is the perfect time to spend as much time with those special little ones in your life. Give your children the most creative gifts this Christmas and see them blossom in the most wonderful ways. So, there you have it 5 great ideas for your kids Christmas list so let the ideas flow!