4 Various Ways You Can Stop Panic Attacks

When a person suffers from severe anxiety, it’s likely that they are suffering from panic attacks as well. The most common cause of panic attacks is an unresolved conflict in a person’s past that has become a physical symptom. Some people suffer from panic attacks because they are unable to deal with a particular stressor. This is because they have not learned the tools they need to deal with panic attacks.

You can use many methods to deal with panic attacks. But in order to control panic attacks you have to learn how. You cannot get your life back on track until you learn how to deal with panic attacks. So what can get you your life back?

Fours ways to stop Panic Attacks

Chances are that anyone who has bad panic attacks wants to know how to stop them. Actually, there are four ways you can do this.

Stop Panic Attacks Treatment 1 – Counseling

When you are looking for ways on how to stop panic attacks, the first thing you should look into is speaking with a psychologist. By asking you questions a therapist will hope to find an underlining cause for your condition. What will the therapist look at when determining what the underlying cause is?

By examining your childhood a psychologist will look for a fear or early childhood phobia. Picking a fear at random, it could be that you have a fear of enclosed spaces. A therapist will also ask about life specifics, both good and bad. You may have been locked in a small space for a long time as a child for example and this kind of questioning can help you remember it. This could be a significant reason behind your fear of enclosed spaces such as a small room or elevator.

Second, you may discover that the panic attacks you are suffering from occur when you are in a stressful situations such as a bad boss or problems on the home front.

After the root cause has been identified and clearly examined, you can deal with the problems without the fear of having more panic attacks.

Stop Panic Attacks Treatment 2 – Finding Ways To Cope

Methods for dealing with your panic attacks that are appropriate both before and after they occur will then be suggested to you by your therapist. Deep breathing, among other things, may be one of the things they suggest. When you breathe deep, your body begins to feel relaxed which allows the oxygen to flow through your body and mind. When you get enough oxygen, you’re able to think with a clear mind, you stave off feelings of claustrophobia and panic, which can make your heart beat faster and your chest tighten.

Stop Panic Attacks Treatment 3 – Grounding The Attack

Grounding a panic attack is another good tip for those suffering from the condition. How do you do this? Hold an ice cube or drink a glass of cold water.

Stop Panic Attacks Treatment 4 – Focus On Objects

A good way of handling a panic attack is to pay attention to your surroundings and reading them off one at a time. Chaning the things you are focusing on this way will help stop a panic attack.


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