Tips on Choosing Fantasy Swords

Fantasy weapons, and particularly fantasy swords, are offered in an extensive choice of styles including Samurai, Highlander, Lord of the Rings, Dragon and Final Fantasy swords. If you are in search of a fantasy sword you need to be aware of what you will use the sword for and what to look out for. There is a significant disparity in fantasy weapons made for only decorative use and those manufactured to be functional. The best quality swords can be high-priced although there are a number obtainable below around 0.

Cheap Fantasy Weapons and Swords

A lot of the swords in the shops are produced in Pakistan or China and, although they look perfectly acceptable in a photograph they are very cheaply made, which is very obvious when you have them in your hands. They are poorly manufactured, frequently with hilts that are loose and with brittle blades and very little detail. They are of course, extremely cheap so you get what you pay for! If you only want a decorative sword to put on the wall they may perhaps be appropriate although if you only pay $35 you shouldn’t expect anything of superior quality.

Ornamental High Quality Swords and Weapons

There are many better quality, ornamental swords available and one designer to look for is Kit Rae who has been designing fantasy swords, axes and knives since 1984. Even though not ‘battle ready’ these stainless steel ornamental fantasy swords are excellent value for money. There are though many counterfeit Kit Rae weapons as they are the ones most copied by counterfeiters. A lot of sellers will even show you images of authentic Kit Rae swords then will sell you a bogus one. Authentic Kit Rae swords can be bought from roughly $100. These are ornamental rather than functional and are manufactured from stainless steel. They are outstanding works of art and are the finest value decorative swords to be found.

Functional Fantasy Weapons and Swords

Fantasy designs are what they are, fantasy! So to translate an ornamental fantasy sword to a working sword isn’t usually easy or even possible. Several sword makers have managed to bring together the fantasy element with function to produce an acceptable functional fantasy sword. One instance is the Dark Sentinel Sword manufactured by the Hanwei Forge which is a blend of a Japanese katana and a European duelling sword. Functional swords made from tempered steel are manufactured by Windlass Steelcrafts some of which are from the Wheel of Time series or the game of Dungeons and Dragons.

fantasy swords are made by Generation 2 who also make a large fantasy sword called the Sword of Chaos, while the majority of their products are medieval sword replicas that are historically accurate. Another manufacturer that we can mention is Darksword Armoury which turn out sturdy functional fantasy swords. Some of their swords are based on classic fantasies including Lord of the Rings and a few are unique fantasy designs. They also make the Anduril Sword of Aragorn.

In Concusion

Do your research before you buy a fantasy sword. Make certain you are aware of the distinction between functional and ornamental swords and buy one that suits your needs. Do not expect a cut-rate replica to be useful for anything except decorating your wall. For a high quality fantasy weapon choose one from a well known manufacturer and avoid the low-priced reproductions that are imported from China or Pakistan.