Tips for Throwing a Stylish but Affordable Birthday Party

The economy may not be that great right now but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun and style when it comes to throwing birthday parties. If you’re tasked with throwing a birthday party for a loved one, these money-saving tips will help you watch your checkbook, while still creating an event everyone will remember:

Be Creative with the Birthday Party Theme

Why not try an unusual theme that would also be affordable for both your party guests and you? If you’re giving a kids party, the guests can bring low-cost items that would be appropriate for a  homeless shelter that serves families or a regional animal rescue organization. If you call the organization’s manager, you can get a list of low-cost items you can recommend to your guests. Suggest that they wrap the gifts as usual and then everyone can go as a group to deliver them. This would not only be meaningful for everyone involved but it would also give children first-hand experience with how good it feels to give to others.

For adults, save money by throwing a re-gifting/recycling party. Most people can locate at least one gift they’ve received that they don’t want, so let them wrap them up and give them again! Make sure everyone knows who is on the guest list, though, so people don’t re-gift items they received from other party guests! If you don’t want to risk hurt feelings, this idea also works well for items that people have bought new on impulse but never used. Make sure to provide a specific dollar limit for the recycled items, so people at all income levels can participate.

Make Your Own Birthday Party Decorations and Invitations

The Internet has an unbelievable selection of free birthday invitations for kids and adults. So why spend money on invitations from a party or stationary store when printing them at home is so easy and inexpensive? There are also plenty of free birthday clip art options on the Internet, which make perfect party decorations. If you can find high resolution art, you can make your own banners and signs for the party. If you can’t find the right kind of clipart, you have the option of decorating flower arrangements or plants with clip art cut-outs or making table place cards. If you like vintage, try printing and cutting out various vintage birthday greeting cards and tie them with fancy ribbons to a string that forms a garland. This will create a distinctive old-time feel and make the room look great! To finish off the antique theme, get intentionally mismatched plates, glasses and silverware at a thrift store to use in place of plastic and paper partyware.

The key to creating a memorable birthday party is to be creative. If you infuse style into your party plans, no one will ever know you did it on the cheap!