The Right Hospital Chairs Can Make All The Difference

Whether you’re a patient or a visitor to a hospital, you need appropriate seating. Remember, not all people are the same shape and size so you want to make sure you buy suitable chairs. It is for this reason that you need to cater for both the visitor as well as the hospital patient.

Most hospitals opt for one particular style of chair for their patients and a separate style for visitors. The majority of patient chairs in hospital bedrooms tend to follow a similar style, with a high back and a particularly supportive frame. Often these chairs will be high enough at the back to offer some form of neck support which is a good idea as this caters for patients that need to keep their head upright and supported at all times.

It is not uncommon for visitors to be offered a smaller chair for use when they stop by, as this helps to allow more room to walk about in small rooms, rather than have the space filled by numerous chairs. You might find these chairs stacked in a store room or suchlike in another area of the hospital. These hospital chairs might be upholstered or have plastic seating so that they can be cleaned much easier.

As everyone knows, a hospital places a lot of importance on infection control and that’s why all the small things have to be taken into consideration. Even the chairs might not seem like a major concern, but consider the sheer number of people use them – you need to be sure that they can be cleaned easily.

Hospital chairs need to be hard-wearing and comfortable, but the style of chair you opt for may vary according to the type of person using it, i.e. patient or visitor. When you walk into a hospital you want to see furniture that isn’t shabby and all looks the same. In order to meet hospital standards, there won’t be sofas or suchlike littering the hospital rooms, as these simply aren’t practical. In the patients rooms the main focus is on support and comfort and therefore it is no surprise that hospital chairs are chosen based on this merit. Another important aspect to bear in mind is that chairs shouldn’t be uncomfortable for visitors, even though many hospitals make it known that they don’t really like visitors hanging around for too long.