The festival on the Nile at the end of Ramadam

The end of the holy fasting month of Ramadan is celebrated by the Moslems with the 3 day festival of Eid al-Ritr. It is fair to say that most Moslems like to enjoy themselves at a party, and this one is celebrated with a certain style typical of the area. If you are on holiday in Egypt during this particular time, then you will surely be treated to a show of a lifetime that will stay in your memory for ever.

You may have witnessed the miain festival spectacle if you had chosen to cruise the Nile at this time. The river banks and the streets were filled with celebrating families, showing off their kids and their new holiday costumes. People take to the river in vessels normally used for Nile cruises, which are often decorated with brightly coloured lights. Men and women dance to traditional Egyptian folk music, and the background reverberates to the crackle and popping of firework displays.

For thousands of years this river has been the heart of the Egyptian people.Without the river, the civilisation we know today as Ancient Egypt would never have as successful as it was. The Nile brought life to the desert, acting as the primary source of water and food, giving also an effective transport network. It added also a focus on religion.There are many special luxury holidays to choose from, but not many that offer this mystical experience

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