Swimming Pool Equipment can Help Save Lives

Having a swimming pool is a great way to play and exercise with the kids. It can be a tragedy if you are not prepared The reason? Swimming pools kill hundreds of kids yearly.
Swimming Pool Accessories

According to the CPSC the leading cause of death in children under five is drowning. Each year nearly 300 kids under five drown in pools.

{“In addition, more than 2,000 children in that age group are treated in hospital emergency rooms for submersion injures.} {Medical costs for submersion victims during the initial hospitalization alone can be quite high.} {Costs can range from an estimated ,000 for a victim who recovers fully to ,000 for a victim with severe brain damage.} {Some severely brain damaged victims have initial hospital stays in excess of 120 days and expenses in excess of 0,000,” the CPSC revealed.}

75 percent of submersion victims are between one and three years old. Even tough, in most cases, the parents were actually watching their children.

{“Submersion incidents involving children usually happen in familiar surroundings.} {Sixty-five percent of the incidents happened in a pool owned by the child’s family and 33 percent of the incidents happened in a pool owned by friends or relatives,” according to the CPSC.}

{“Pool submersions involving children happen quickly.} {A child can drown in the time it takes to answer a phone.} {Seventy-seven percent of the victims had been missing from sight for five minutes or less.} {Survival depends on rescuing the child quickly and restarting the breathing process, even while the child is still in the water.} {Seconds count in preventing death or brain damage,” they added.}

If you put a fence around your pool the risk of drowning are greatly reduced. A pool safety fence provides an extra layer of protection for an unsupervised child. This way you have time to answer the phone or let you kids play outside with out your constant supervision.

{“Install a four-sided, isolation pool fence that completely separates the house and play area of the yard from the pool area.} {The fence should be at least four feet high.} {Use self-closing and self-latching gates that open outward with latches that are out of reach of children.” said the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. }

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