Reducing Your Calories Helps You Get Great Results With Less Gym Time

Exercise 3 Times Every Seven Days and See Excellent Progress.

I decided that this summer I was going to deliberately back off on working out and only go into the gym 3 days per week. No matter what I wouldn’t put in more than 3 days, even if I only made it into the gym 2 days the previous week. Many times, I was able to exercise the full 3 times, but once in a while I was only able to do it twice. Even with this reduced amount of time spent, my body still looks great as per usual. I think that’s awesome!

Lowering Calorie Intake To Minimize Time Needed in the Gym

I knew I didn’t have to go crazy and drastically reduce calorie, I simply ate slightly smaller portions a lot of the time. Once in a while, I did consume larger portions, however I concentrated on having just a bit less. It’s not as difficult as you’d think. Workouts can make you hungrier, but I was working out less often, so I didn’t want to eat as much. There was no need to keep track of calories since I just focused on consuming less food. Like many of the readers of this site, I do Intermittent Fasting twice a week as well.

Easily Drop a Workout if You Just Slightly Reduce Calories

Don’t worry about cutting back too far if you’re not reducing your workout plan that much. Honestly, just 100-200 calories less per day would do the trick. Cutting those calories in conjunction with moving more in your daily life will equal what you could have burned in that lost gym visit. I think your body will benefit more from this in the future. Eat a little less and walk a little more. It’s easy and effective to boot.

Reasons You May Need to Work Out More

Initially, you should exercise more often to lose your desired number of pounds, and after you reach your ideal weight you can decide how much you need to exercise to maintain your weight loss. Certain things like getting ready for a movie role, training for a triathlon, or training for a power lifting competition, will require more time in the gym. The main thing is that these should be exceptions to day-to-day life.

Exercise Rigorously at the Start of Your Regimen

During your first few years of exercise, it is good to establish some strength. In this case, it would be fine to train 4-5 days per week. The best thing to do is reduce the number of workouts once you reach your goals. From here, just do what you can to maintain the look you want without sacrificing your free time. A few strategic workouts per week can do the trick, especially if you walk a lot and stay active when you are not training.