Prevent Sleep Paralysis

This article takes a close look at sleep paralysis, its causes and the things that you can do to decrease it episodes. Read it through and I’m sure you will find it to be of great help.

One thing that is common about hallucinatory sleep paralysis is the vividness and reality of the things that you are seeing. The inability to move in those moments usually puts me in a state of panic especially when I cannot even do something as simple as let out a scream.

What you did not know is that is exactly what the body is trying to prevent. In trying to move you are attempting to respond to something that is you are seeing in a dream. Imagine how chaotic it would be if we reacted to everything that went on whilst we are having our dreams. The reason this happens is because the transition from being fully asleep to being fully awake is meant to be a gradual process.

If for some reason your brain wakes up in the middle of a dream you will have a hard time trying to separate reality from fiction and so the paralysis sets in. Having experienced a number of these episodes myself describing it as being uncomfortable is quite an understatement. That is one thing that I’ve come to notice about sleep paralysis, the sensations are just too real to ignore.

So is there anything that can be done about it? The ways to deal with sleep paralysis are just as many as the causes. The underlying theory though is avoiding anything that will disrupt your normal sleep. Things that send signals to the brain and require it to become active. Things like light, sound or even going to sleep before emptying your bladder or bowels can bring about an episode.

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Hallucinatory sleep paralysis is a common medical problem and it can be gotten rid off. There is no need for you to continue experiencing sleepless nights. You can do something about it.