Photography and the right way to capture moments

In this day and age people love video cameras.  What used to be an area where photographs dominated people use video cameras.But that does not mean that photography is already dead.On the contrary, photography is still much alive amongst people and is still a very popular hobby for most. Photography is not dead because what you can capture with still photos can be an art.  You can really capture moments with great photographs.So here goes some tips in taking great photos.

First thing to learn is to have great anticipation.  For example if you are taking candid shots of people anticipation is key. That has been one of the secrets of taking great photographs as a San Diego photographer.  Because by being able to anticipate you can be proactive rather than reactive.It means that you would be more involved in the happenings that you would be taking.Because you might miss taking those shots if you are just reacting.If you know how to anticipate then you can take great shots.

Another thing you want to do is positioning.What that means is that you have to be in a good position so that you can take great shots.  As a San Diego wedding photographer you have to always be in a good position.Because if you are out of position then your shots would not be great.  People could get in the way of your photo.  Or you can have objects get in your way. By being perfectly in position you can be ready for those great moments you know will happen.

Last tip is knowing the schedule.  This has been key in my San Diego event photography business.  Because knowing the right schedule of the events would enable you to take good position and you can also anticipate moments.  Because when you don’t know what is going on you can miss great photographs so easily.

So those are a couple of tips to taking better photos.  If you notice these tips really aren’t technical.They are more helpful in the artistic side of capturing photos.