Nikon D40, Easy To Use Camera

People have varied reasons as to why they choose a particular model of digital camera. For most it’s about size and being compact. The performance and capabilities of a camera are not an important consideration for most people. This article takes a closer look at the functions of the Nikon D40 DSLR camera and its performance to help you when it comes to choosing a particular DSLR camera.

In comparison with other cameras in this category or range the Nikon D40 is very compact and has high image resolution. The lens is interchangeable so shots are never out of focus and it has a 6.1 mega pixels sensor. Considering all the functions that are put into it; this is one of the lightest cameras. The only downside of the Nikon D40 is that it can only auto focus with the AF-I and the AF-S lens and manually with the others. This restricts you on the number of lens thatbcan be used with it.

The D40 also has programmable auto ISO, delayed shatter and in camera retouching. For the moments when you cannot get close to the subject that you want to photograph, for example as in sporting events you can consider purchasing the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens. It is meant to make the zoom range even longer.

Most images that are taken when the lens is totally zoomed out and in conditions of low light are sometimes blurred. The D40 has VR technology to make the images clearer. It is suitable as a personal camera and it allows amateurs to take good pictures. The design and layout of the buttons make operating this camera one of the easiest things to do. If you are thinking about going into professional photography but are restricted by money, the Nikon D40 will give you a good start.

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