Make Free Scrapbooks Using Online Images

Because there are so many Web-savvy scrapbooking paper and embellishment designers today, the Internet is full of free digital scrapbooking designs that can be downloaded for no charge. That means all you need to know is how to do an online search and download files and you can have an almost endless supply of designs to create professional-looking scrapbooks. That’s why famous artist Mary Englebreit recently remarked that the Web is a great source of digital scrapbooking designs that will yield almost anything you might need. And she should know about good images; products featuring her illustrations sell like crazy!

The following are samples of some of the types of free scrapbooking supplies I’ve found on the Internet:


There seems to be an increase in the number of people looking for.vintage scrapbook embellishments. That could be because antique art is so timeless and creates such classy results. Antique greeting cards make great vintage scrapbooking embellishments, as do clipart images from years gone by. And if you’re fortunate enough to find vintage designs on digital scrapbooking papers, you’ll have the best of both worlds. Vintage images also cover a wide variety of subjects, including images as diverse as vintage travel posters, antique flower baskets, Victorian fashion illustrations, magic show posters and old sailing ships. So whatever subject you’re trying to cover in your scrapbook, you can probably find vintage art to match.


The holidays are great subjects for scrapbooking, since those are the times we gather with friends and family to create special memories. And Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Valentine’s Day aren’t the only holidays that make people want to create scrapbooks; many people are interested in the minor holidays too. You can find lots of patriotic scrapbooking papers and embellishments on the Web for holidays such as Veterans Day, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Flag Day. There are also many images out there for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Earth Day and any other holiday you can think of; even the off-beat and downright bizarre ones.

Flowers and Butterflies

Scrapbookers seem to love flowers of all kinds, and who can blame them? They work for nearly any occasion. Butterflies attract a large audience too, because they represent summertime, freedom, happiness and other cheerful things. Butterfly and flower images are also diverse, because an abundance of them can be found as both illustrations and photos, and in modern and vintage styles. You can even find free flower scrapbook papers that have multiple mix-and-match designs in the same collections.

Wedding Images

Scrapbooks and weddings are a natural combination, because it’s always been a tradition to have a wedding photo album. But if you can make it a wedding scrapbook instead, you can will have an even more creative way to preserve your precious memories. There is a surprisingly good selection of wedding scrapbook embellishments online that will allow you to create one of these very special mementos with no or little cost. And if for some reason you don’t find any specifically for weddings that appeal to you, flower images can also give you a pretty look.


Like weddings, the birth and growth years of a little one often generate a lot of pictures. And what scrapbooker wouldn’t want to pass down a distinctive baby scrapbook to her child as he or she gets older? Fortunately, you can find a huge selection of scrapbooking materials for babies. If you haven’t looked at baby images for a while, though, you might find the color schemes a little surprising these days. Chocolate brown, burnt orange and red are popular, as are various shades of green. Blue and pink are still popular, of course, but these days there are many bold color choices too.

So the next time you need scrapbooking images, check online. You might be pleasantly surprised at the free images you’ll find.