I Am Not Going To Marry You At The Moment As We Are In A Credit Crunch

I am somebody who does not believe in marriage. How many marriages end in divorce? Too many! This is one of the reasons why I do not personally believe in getting married. The latest reports on the long term success of marriage confirmed that one in two marriages end in divorce and that the majority of these divorces are granted within the first ten years of married life. Well that’s a good stat isn’t it? Makes you want to walk up the isle next week doesn’t it? Call me a cynic if you want to, I prefer to see myself as a realist.

As you will no doubt tell as you read through this article I am in no way involved in the “marriage industry”; I am actually involved in stuttering therapy, I also work on a project offering a professional DVD replication service as well as a one that offers cheap calls.

A few months ago I attended a wedding; it was that of one of my oldest friends. The day arrived and I drove my family to the hotel where the ceremony was going to take place. Boy was it a lavish affair! There were violinists playing as you entered the venue and the whole event was, in my opinion, far too over done. The “happy couple” must have spent a small fortune and I know for a fact that they did not receive any “outside help” from either set of parents.

In November, only two months after the wedding, the groom was made redundant from a company where he had worked for the last nine years. He does not possess the most impressive of cv’s and is still out of work today.

He has told me that the wedding has put him into debt in rather a big way but that it would have been OK if he had not have lost of job. These are tough times, financially and people are losing their jobs in an ever increasing manner; this is just what happens I am sorry to say.

It is time to get our heads out of the clouds and into the real world. Getting yourself in debt just so that your girlfriend can be a princess for the day is madness, this is 2009 and times are quite tough out there “in the real world”.