How To Prevent Mold Growth On Shower Curtains

Are you looking for a way to deal with mold growth on your adorable brown shower curtain? Well here is a review that will help provide some very useful tips and recommendations on how to save your treasured hookless shower curtain with snap liner or whatever type you own and can not let go of|any kind that you own and have fallen inlove with.

The best and cost effective way to do this is to simply keep them clean and dry. You can use a washing machine to wash them – say once a month. For an RH of above 60% you will need to use a humidistat to help control the humidity.

When putting it in the washer just add some few towels in there so they can help clean it up.

Make sure the bathroom is generally well ventilated

Do leave the curtain closed until it is dry.

After every bath make sure to use some shower cleaners.

Fabric is better than plastic in resisting mold growth. Cloth liners are really a better option if you are trying to deal with mold growth. Apart from their “technical” functionality, they generally look better.

Alternatively you can move away from curtains to glass. Personally I think glass can be dangerous but it is an option if you can handle it well.

Alcohol can also do a great job in removing the mold – just as long as you can handle the odor.

Another tip is simply to spray the curtain with water every time you finish taking a shower.

Alternatively you can just get an anti-mold shower curtain. These are not 100% guaranteed to prevent the mold and mildew but they can help prevent it. You can find striped shower curtain with brown and orange in it  not to say these are your only options. You can find more options on different sites including and to name just a few I have used.