How To Plant The Best Grass Seeds

If you are considering growing a lawn for the outside of your home then I might be able to give you some advice on how you successfully grow a lawn with minimal effort. There is really more to growing a lawn than just planting grass seeds.

The various kinds of grass that are there do not all grow well in the same environment. There are a number of factors to think about such as amount of sunshine, rainfall and shade that can be provided to the grass. To avoid all the hassles of maintaining the grass and trying to get it grow, just simply go for the one that is suited for the type of area that you live in. Centipede, Bermuda or Buffalo grass will grow very well in moist and cool areas.

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When it comes to planting it will also depend on whether you are planting a new lawn totally or on ground that has an existing lawn and you just want to replenish it. If its virgin ground then you will have to make sure that is cleared of all weeds, other grass and anything else that might be growing there. Try and remove even the roots if possible. Most plants can grow just from the roots that are left behind when clearing so you want to make sure that this does not happen

The seeds need to be spread evenly so that there are no patches when the lawn does grow. The soil should be free of lumps and the seeds should be completely covered by another layer of top soil.

The early stages of growth are important as once it is established it will require little attention apart from the occasional trimming down. A lawn should have enough water but it should never become water clogged. It is okay to apply fertilizer to it and weed killer maybe after it has fully grown.