How To Lose Man Boobs


In today’s world women have come up against a jealousy matter that they need to sort out .

Men have given new meaning to the term gender equal. They have sprouted their very own breasts!

How will you girls sort this out,considering it isn’t an affair?

Men with jugs the size of watermelons!

Well, who wouldn’t be envious?

Men are really not happy about this development, which is a little ironic.
Men with this condition have been trapped in the wire of the “booby” trap!

They need to be told how to lose man boobs yesterday or sooner.
Growing mammaries doesn’t even enter the equation when it comes to men getting in touch with their feminine side.

Boobs are what a man will call his own protrusions.
Other people will call them bazookas, tits, bumpers, knockers, headlamps and a variety of other nick-names. 

How to lose man boobs.

What most fat men have are not really breasts, although they do look like big jiggly boobs.

Fat accumulates in all the wrong places on fat men which is why they end up putting Pamela Anderson’s breast to shame.

If you are willing to do a little dieting and exercise this kind of boob (which is fat only) can be shed quite easily.

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Gynaeomastia is something that is entirely different.

Male bodies have testosterone and estrogen’s.
When the ratio is upset and the body is over dosed with estrogen’s it makes up for it by sprouting man boobs.

Everything, from processed foods to alcohol, recreational drugs to steroids everything your mom advised you not to take, can give you man boobs.
Your boobs won’t disappear with only exercise.

The most effective way to get rid of these mau maus is by identifying and eliminating from your diet whatever it is that’s giving them life.
If you have been plagued long term with them though, surgery may be a way forward.
I would consult your doctor if you really are looking at this course of action.

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And if you’re ever teased about your wopbopaloobops in the future, remember, what can’t hurt you, won’t kill you.