How To Find People Online For Free

Are you interested in ways to look for people online and not anything? Well let me tell you about one of the best tricks I have used over years.

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The subject on how to find people online free has been explored in many places but in all of my research I have never come across the technique I am about to share below. This is an easy way to locate people for free but I am sure that only a few of people know about it.

For starters the idea revolves around leaving a digital trail. Before I talked about about how you can leave a digital trail so that whoever is looking can easily find you online. However, my attention today is on the other side. That is, track a digital trail of the person you are searching for. How do you do this? Simple use alerts.

A few search engines like Google and others offer an alert feature that alerts you of particular pre-defined activities online. every time that activity takes place you are informed by email. You are informed on where on the web the event occurred and you are also provided with the link to that particular site or page.

So what this means is that you can use the missing person’s name as a keyword to enter on the alerts. Alternatively every time the person’s name is comes up online you will be alerted. This way you can look up the link where the name appears and see if it is not the person who actually posted it there.

I must say this is not a guaranteed method on how to find people online for free but it can work just the same. Look at it as your private detective who is always on the look out for leads on where you can look for for someone free online.