Discounted Airfares To Cape Town

Apart from South Africa Airways (SAA) there are three other airlines that offer flights in and around the country. So if you want cheap flights to Cape Town you can choose from any of the available options. There are also some tips and ideas that you can make use of that will make sure you get discounted airfares from airlines. You will find all this information in the paragraphs below.

In addition to SAA which flies to Cape Town you have Mango, Kulula and ‘1 Time which are also offeribf flights on the same route. What this basically means is that there is more competition among the airlines for passengers and this brings the prices down. The prices of the flights are not fixed however. There will change depending on the days of the week and the time of the year. For flights that operate mid week that is from Monday to Thursday the fares are lower than during other periods.

The fares are also higher during holiday seasons. You can then book your flights knowing that a weekend or holiday ticket will cost you more. It is more expensive traveling during the so called peak periods. Making a booking in advance will also get you are discounted air fare. Usually what qualifies to be called an advance booking is a booking that is made at least two weeks prior to the intended date of departure. This will vary between the different airlines and you will have to confirm with each one.

The method that you use to book your ticket will also have an effect on the price. You can either make an online booking or telephone the airline ticket office or make a personal booking. From the three ways mentioned booking the ticket online is the cheapest. Every booking or reservation that is made online will qualify for a discount. This is because you save the airline money in terms of time, personnel, printing and stationary.

The cheapest quotes you get might not necessarily be lowest airfare that you could possibly get. By taking all these things into consideration you can save considerably on air fares; check out one of these sites for current air fares and other information:

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