Bringing Style and American Patriotism Together for the Fourth of July

Late every May the “patriotic season” begins in the United States with Memorial Day and stretches out until November, when we honor our war veterans on Veterans Day. There are also other patriotic holidays during that period, such as Flag Day in June, the Fourth of July and Labor Day in September. Those are the major patriotic holidays but there are also plenty of others. The first, Armed Forces Day, actually falls before Memorial Day. Then in September we have Patriot Day and Citizenship Day, followed by United Nations Day right before Halloween in October.

Many people in the U.S. take the major patriotic holidays seriously, as well as some of the minor ones. This is probably partially due to the fact that so many people have veterans in their families, or at least know someone who has served in the American armed forces For people with connections to armed forces personnel, the patriotic holidays are personal. That’s why there’s a growing tradition of using Memorial Day images to send greetings that pay homage to veterans for each major patriotic holiday. A simple gesture like sending a card can mean the world to someone who may feel his or her contribution to the greater good has been forgotten.

On a more upbeat note, there’s almost no one in America who doesn’t like the 4th of July. Some folks really take the holiday to heart — fireworks and all — and make a giant celebration out of it. It’s common for people to throw 4th of July BBQs, which are really just a reason to set off firecrackers and eat a lot! A common trend has been for people to make their own invitations to these parties, using contemporary free clip art for the 4th of July or free American flag clipart. This makes invitations cheap and easy because with little effort they can create and print fun invites. Even people who think they have no talent can become designers!