Bed Linen, Duvets And Tog

If you think about the amount of time that we spend sleeping typically 8 to 10 hours then it makes sense to invest in linen that is both comfortable and stylish. Read about some qualities to look out for when purchasing bed linen and duvets.

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The measure of the thermal resistance of a duvet, that is how much heat will it be able to retain is measured in Togs. A duvet with a low tog rating of about 4.5 is suitable for those who normally feel hot when they are sleeping. On the other hand if you feel cold at night then a duvet with a higher tog rating . So you can actually buy duvets to use in the different seasons.

You can buy a single duvet that you will be able to use in all the seasons. It is made up of a 9.5 Tog and 4.0 Tog duvet. By combining or using them individually you come up with three different variations

Choosing the size is also another important. It is always good to pick the right size. If it is too small, it really will not look nice and might not provide enough warmth. An oversize duvet will get dirty easily and will also not look presentable.


This by far one of the most important considerations when buying bedding material. This is where all your sleep related disorders and pains come in. It only takes waking up with a stiffneck to know that the right pillow is important. Pillows that will bend or stretch the neck are really not desirable. You know what feels comfortable for you so just make sure you check the pillow out first.

Bed Linen

Just because it is called bed linen it does not mean it is all made of linen. That is why they are not all the same when it comes to durability, heat retention and strength. While it may look stylish and beautiful find out what its made of first and the implications of that to the weather you live in.