Bath Tub Chairs Provide Vital Protection For Your Elderly, Infirm or Obese Family Members

Tub chairs can be of great benefit to the elderly and disabled. Using these chairs reduce the risk of slipping while taking a shower or being unable to lift oneself out of the bath tub. Some of these chairs are also made to help caregivers bathe patients.

Tub chairs have bottoms, which are non-slippery. A large proportion of tub chairs come with a robust handle. A person suffering from physical weakness may need additional features to be completely safe while bathing.

Additional safety precautions should include appliques, which are slip resistant, and fitted to the tub’s bottom surface. Handrails in the tub area and just out of the tub area further reduce the chance of a bathroom accident. See dementia care homes for more safety guidelines when taking care of elderly or vulnerable people.

Tub chairs can also have seats that slide, allowing them to be placed outside the bath while the patient is seated. The patient himself or the caregiver can quite easily slide the seat over the bath. The patient’s risk of slipping in the tub is decreased by this. There are several companies on the web that make tub chairs, that the ship worldwide.

Special tub chairs are also available for obese individuals. These chairs allow overweight people to clean themselves much better than they otherwise would be able to. Sponge baths do not remove all bacteria hidden in skin folds and hence may not be a good alternative way to bathe obese people. Improper cleaning can lead to infections and other health hazards.

Another variety of tub seats caters to people who cannot sit up by themselves. A recline of 45 degrees to 90 is possible with these seats. Usually they also have belts to keep the patient from falling. These chairs thus ensure safe baths for their occupants, who otherwise would be left with the option of using sponge in bed.