Are kids still being taught how to shave?

So the time has come where you finally have to teach the kid how to shave? Well do not worry its sure to go better than the time Homer attempted to teach Bart right? Well perhaps not if you do not even know how to shave properly yourself.

Naturally of course you do, you have been shaving for many, many years but are your nasty habits going to get in the way of teaching the correct way in which to shave?

Well for starters are you using one of those shaving brushes or just shoving the cream on with your hands? A shaving brush can actually go a long way in making sure that you do not get razor burn or anything along those lines. This is going to be even more important for someone whose skin is not used to shaving as the likelihood of getting razor burn is likely to double.

Before you even begin to think about shaving brushes are you even using shaving soap at all? It can really help to make sure the skin stays smooth after the shave as well as fighting off any infection that can be caused by an old razor or a dirty one,.

Another thing ti keep in mind is the fact that getting a cut on the face from a razor can be a bit of a shock the first time it happens so be warned. A cut can actually bleed for around fifteen minutes on the face.

Never forget the aftershave as this can be crucial in making sure that the skin stays clean and smooth. So all in all to make sure that you do not teach your son in the way Homer Simpson taught his, follow these steps and you are sure to have a proud son beaming up at you after his very first shave. Although many of these steps seem rather simple, they can often be forgotten about.