The Swine Flu Number is Now Free

Swine flu has spead a huge amount around the world. The virus which initially broke out in Mexico is set to bite the whole world as the winter approaches. Here in the UK we have see swine flu infect a wide variety of people and it is set to wipe out a huge amount more over the next coming weeks. All of this has caused the United kingdom to become the 3rd most infected nation after Mexico and the America.


But health officials in the UK are stating that they are well aware of the situation and there is enough medicine to treat the country. But GPs have been feeling the squeeze the most; since the eruption began they have literally been inundated with visits and calls for patients believing that they have swine influenza.


This has all led to officials opening a new Pandemic flu line. The number although an 0800 number was feared to be abused by the mobile network operators. We all acknowledge that they charge immense amounts to actually ring free phone numbers and by charging to use the influenza line that could have been literally making a fortune.


But in the end common sense prevailed and all of the mobile firm networks agreed to waive the charge for the flu line. It just goes to show that mobile providers could actually scrap the 0800 number in an instant, I mean with the current mobile rage they need to give back to the networks. I mean they are literally earning a fortune at any rate so why the need to keep charging the public for something that is not even indictable.


I hope the networks sort out this problem before it becomes all too late. People will literally begin to abandon them and they will literally become a company that is losing revenue.


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