Medical Cannibas Can Provide Freedom From Pain If You Are Suffering From Cancer Or Another Illness

medical marijuana card

A person can use medicinal pot without penalty under CA Proposition 215 if you are physically evaluated by a physician and given a Physician Statement and Recommendation Letter. The evaluation is to determine if you will get alleviation from the pain of the disease you are suffering.

The Education and Evaluation Center for Medical Marijuana, based in Long Beach, offers caring medical evaluations of patients for the prescription of medical cannabis use. The group give education on the medical uses and outcomes of cannabis and different types.

The Medical Board of CA has said that medical cannabis is an emerging treatment. California Prop 215, also known as The Compassionate Care Act of 1996, includes in the bill:

To be sure that desperately sick Californians have the right to obtain and consume cannabis for medical purposes where the medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a doctor who has determined that the patient’s health may gain a benefit from the consumption of pot in the therapy of glaucoma or any other affliction for which pot offers Freedom From Pain.

Proposition 215 was designed to permit the consumption of medical marijuana by seriously and deathly ill persons. Prop 215 protects them from illicit use fines and prosecution for using marijuana medically if they have procured a medical marijuana card. Only persons who have been properly checked and have obtained the doctor’s approval to consume pot in medical treatment can take advantage of Proposition 215 as a legal defense against criminal pot indictments.

A medical physician must judge and determine whether medicinal marijuana can be an appropriate treatment for a specific affliction. Many of the people who partake in marijuana as a medicine suffer from cancer while many people have said that it helps treat symptoms of epilepsy and other diseases in which muscular spasms or seizures are common. Be conscious though, that just suffering one of these diseases written previously doesn’t instantly qualify anyone for the cannabis exception under Proposition 215. Just a medical marijuana doctors recommendation will do that.