Different Dangers Of High Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a substance that is found in the human body. The cholesterol found in human blood dictates the cholesterol levels of the person. Although it does not follow that an overweight person has high cholesterol levels, the possibility is high when one is overweight. There are foods high in cholesterol that can contribute to the elevated cholesterol levels in a person’s blood which usually show during a blood chemistry test. Some doctors believe that having high cholesterol can be connected to genetics and this may be true. There are instances of people who are within their average weight but they also suffer from high cholesterol. A person’s metabolism may have something to do with this kind of problem. 

Other factors that can lead to danger and fatality if a person has high cholesterol are inactivity (or leading a sedentary lifestyle), being overweight and feasting on foods that are loaded with cholesterol. The lack of exercise and activity play a vital role in high cholesterol because exercise is supposed to melt fats and keep the blood flowing smoothly through the blood stream.

The Arteries Suffer Most With High Cholesterol

The danger of having high cholesterol is apparent in the blood stream. Cholesterol levels are measured from blood samples that show the levels of LDL and HDL in the blood. Too much bad cholesterol in the blood stream can contribute to the hardening of arteries and the deposit of waxy and fatty substances in the arteries. It is not only fatty deposits which accumulate in the site but also calcium and other elements that are usually present in the blood can accumulate in the blockage which may start to form if a person has high cholesterol problem. A stroke or other heart problems can occur due to deposition of cholesterol.

The deposits in the arteries due to high cholesterol levels also contribute to elevated blood pressure due to the blockage which may restrict blood flow. High blood pressure can also lead to heart problems and other health hazards if left unattended. The combination of diabetes and high cholesterol can also cause problems in the blood stream. People who may have other underlying health problems need to consult a doctor if they feel that their current condition may be at risk of a complication due to high cholesterol levels.

There should be something done by a person who has high cholesterol problem. Lifestyle changes are probably the best ways to keep fit and healthy.