A Young Couple Assesses Their Abusive and Excessive Drinking and Their Short and Long-Term Aspirations, Dreams, and Goals

Augie and Merissa have been dating for seven years. They met while taking the same American studies class at a relatively small, rural, private liberal arts college located in the Northern part of the U.S. While they were just good friends at first, they at long last started to date when they were in their third year of college.

Because both of them came from very conventional backgrounds, neither one of them drank very much beyond the social drinking stage when they first began dating. As the time progressed, however, they started to go to more football bashes, happy hours, keg parties, and sorority and fraternity parties. Consequently, they gradually began to drink more the longer they saw one another in a dating capacity.

Their Social Life Frequently Consisted of Going to Professional Sporting Events, Going to Restaurants Three or Four Nights Per Week, Going to Happy Hour With Their Friends, Going to Parties With Their Friends, and Going With Their Friends to the Local Cabaret on the Weekends

After they graduated, they both found employment in a relatively small city that was located approximately seventy miles from their undergraduate college. Then they eventually decided to move in with each other.

Because they were far removed from the college drinking scene, then again, their social life typically consisted of going to professional sporting events, going to restaurants three or four nights per week, going to happy hour with their friends, going to parties with their friends, and going to the local bar and grill with their friends on the weekends. In short, Augie and Merissa started to drink in an abusive and excessive manner.

Now that they were living with each other and beginning to get more serious about their relationship, nonetheless, they began to think about becoming more responsible, buying a house, getting married, and having children.

With any major change in an individual’s life there is frequently something that activates the specific change in question. For Augie and Merissa the idea of having children and buying a new house was this “method of change.” To come to the point, for the first time in their lives, Merissa and Augie started to critically assess their hazardous and excessive drinking and the long term alcohol effects on their health.

How Would Their Abusive and Excessive Drinking Affect Their Relationship With One Another, Their Ability to Have Children, Their Finances, Their Mental Health, and Their Relationship With Their Parents?

Would their irresponsible and hazardous drinking negatively affect their ability to have children? How would they be able to continue spending nearly all of their money on drinking if they were to start saving for a new house? How accountable would they be if they had children and continued to drink in an abusive and irresponsible manner? How would they be able to face their parents and tell them about their long term plans, dreams, and hopes while they still drank in an excessive and irresponsible manner while having fun as they did when they were in college? What would their irresponsible and hazardous drinking do to their relationship? How would their irresponsible and excessive drinking affect their mental health?

From a different viewpoint, although neither one of them ever suffered from alcohol poisoning, received a DUI, or experienced alcohol withdrawals, they realized that their excessive and abusive drinking was becoming a thorny issue that they could not overlook any longer.

After Giving Their State of Affairs Much Deliberation, Merissa and Augie Concluded That Their Dreams, Hopes, and Aspirations Would not be Made Real if They Continued Their Irresponsible and Abusive Drinking

All of these queries undeniably led to the same conclusion: Merissa and Augie needed to comprehend more clearly that they couldn’t continue their excessive and irresponsible drinking if their dreams, plans, and hopes were to be accomplished.

Once they got to this conclusion, they informed their drinking buddies about their marital plans, about their plans to start a family, and about their goal of buying or building a new house. They also told their drinking buddies that they still wanted to hang out with them but that they would be drinking responsibly from this point forward so that they could start to realize their future hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Much to their disbelief, all of their buddies expressed relief because they too had been recalculating their lives and concluded that their life-styles were totally centered around drinking. They also felt that they would have to change fundamentally if they were to become more responsible and show more care for their careers, their goals, and for their health in the next ten or fifteen years.

After their heart-to-heart conversation with their friends about their aspirations, dreams, and hopes, Augie and Merissa in effect started to have more meaningful relationships with all of their buddies. The main reason for this was the fact that all of them had a similar state of mind regarding their heavy drinking and their relatively short and long-term aspirations, goals, and plans.