A Nurse Practitioner Makes Up Her Mind to Go on a Diet, Quit Drinking, Start Exercising, and Stop Smoking

For the past nine years Natalie has been a registered nurse at a small public hospital. As a licensed practical nurse, she undoubtedly knew what to tell her patients concerning their health concerns but in her personal life, however, she undeniably didn’t practice what she preached. For example, she usually drank in an excessive and hazardous manner, she frowned upon doing any physical exercise, she smoked about two packs of cigarettes on a daily basis, and she was more or less twenty-three pounds overweight.

Natalie Gets Into A Car Accident, Fails A Breathalyzer Test, and Goes to The Community Jail

One night on her way to the hospital, Natalie got into an automobile accident. Due to the fact that the accident was her fault and because her speech was jumbled when she talked, the arresting policeman had her take a breathalyzer test. In accord with standard police operating procedures, when a person becomes involved in a car accident and fails to pass a sobriety test, the individual has to spend at least four hours in jail.

Actually, Natalie should have known better than to drive after she had been drinking because she recently went to an “alcohol abuse awareness” class at the hospital that centered on issues, statistics, and information about alcohol facts such as the following: DUIs, alcohol poisoning, binge drinking, and the main differences between alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Natalie is Disgraced About Her Vehicle Accident

Needless to say, Natalie was feeling a lot of shame about her automobile accident. Not only this but she experienced quite a bit of shame about the fact that the accident was her fault. And probably worst of all, she felt disgraced about the fact that she was driving while under the influence. As Natalie thought about her circumstance, then again, she comprehended that it could have been even worse because at the hospital, when a alcohol blood test is given and failed, the individual has to go to compulsory alcohol counseling and is placed on non-pay status. This was in effect one of the alcohol facts that was a reality at the hospital and not much could be expected to change this fact.

Natalie’s Disgrace About Her Vehicle Accident Motivates Her To Reconsider Her Life and Make Some Substantial and Positive Modifications

In any case, Natalie’s disgrace about her car accident motivated her to review her life and make some significant and healthy alterations. First, she was going to stop drinking in an abusive and irresponsible manner. Second, she was going to quit smoking. Third, she was going to go on a strict weight-loss diet. And fourth, she was going to start exercising.

As disturbed as Natalie was about the entire traffic accident situation, she used this distressing experience as a springboard for beneficial change. Moreover, she used her sorrowful experience as a real source of revelation that she had been failing to address her own health while she openly told other individuals how to live a more healthy life. At the end of the day, she eventually saw the two-facedness in her behavior and came to a decision that she would live her life as a positive source of encouragement for the patients she saw at the hospital.