Why Do We Suffer From Periodontal Disease?

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There are three main types of periodontal disease. The very early stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis though some forms of the disease do not have any symptoms. Bacteria that establishes a population in your mouth is the cause of periodontal disease. The bacteria cause inflammation in the tissue surrounding your teeth and can eventually lead to bone loss. Many times pockets will form in the gums and teeth can even become loose. Using an oral irrigator may prove to be helpful.

Periodontal disease is very common and is the second most widespread dental disease in the world. Links have been established between ethnic origins and periodontal disease though the lifestyle of the ethnics groups may be the cause of the periodontal disease and not the actually genetics of the individuals. Individuals from the US, Mediterranean, Asia, North Africa and Asia have a high chance of getting periodontal disease then those from Latin America and other European countries not mentioned.

The minute you notice early signs of periodontal disease should immediately send you to the doctor. Once you have periodontal disease you cannot eliminate it. You can only control the symptoms. Early signs include metallic taste in the mouth, pockets in t he gums, bad breath, lengthening of teeth due to gingival recession, gum swelling and redness or bleeding when brushing or flossing. The hydro floss, which is different than the hydro pulse, might be helpful here.

Chronic periodontitus is the most common type of periodontal disease that affects humans. It should be noted that dogs and cats can also suffer from periodontal disease. This type of periodontal disease can begin during childhood but will not show itself until adulthood. When going on vacation, some prefer to use a portable oral irrigator.

Insidious periodontitus is particularly nasty as there are no early warning signs. The symptoms that do occur with insidious periodontitus include a change in your bite, sore gums, bleeding gums, itchy gums, acute gum abscesses, and loose teeth. Episodic periodontitus will go away and then recur over time. It is not constantly present. It also may only occur in sports in your mouth and not throughout your entire jaw. The only way to periodontal disease is through a dental exam.

Author: Scott W.

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