Wheelchair lifts, A better solution than ramps?

Earlier, physically challenged people were not treated with respect. They were often not treated well and discriminated. They had a hard time surviving and earning a life. Fortunately, in modern days, more and more people are taking a different point of view towards disabled people and give them the respect and dignity they deserve.

In addition, there are many technological advances that are aimed at helping disabled people have more freedom and a higher quality of life. Wheelchair lifts are one of these improvements, and fortunately, they’re becoming more and more common both in public and private places.

In general, wheelchair lifts are better than ramps because they require less physical effort. Since they are controlled by a motar and a control panel,operating them is as easy as like pressing two buttons, so no physical strength is required. This is particularly benefical to those wheelchair users who suffer from upper body disabilities and thus find it combursome to push the wheelchair up a ramp.

Another reason why wheelchair lifts are becoming more common is because a lot of laws require public buildings to adapt their entrances and exits in order to make  it easy for disabled people to enter and exit. While most of them try to build wheelchair ramps, this is not always feasible. Because such laws didn’t exist when the  buildings were constructed, they weren’t designed with access for disabled people in mind. Therefore, sometimes an entrance might be too high, or might not have enough space in front of it to build a ramp with a steep that’s negotiable for people with wheelchairs. In those cases, wheelchair lifts are definitely better options.

One shortcoming of wheelchair lifts is that you need electricity to operate them. Because of this, they are affected whenever there is a power failure. This is specially uncomfortable if a disable person is unlucky enough to find himself or herself in the middle of the lift operation. More than the inconvenience of being stuck and requiring help, the disabled person usually is more affected psychologically at the feeling of dependency of strangers. That’s why, newer models of wheelchair lifts come equipped with back up batteries which allow them to operate in such cases.

Wheelchair lifts can also be fitter at home. They are a good choice in case of multi storied houses where it is not practical to get a elevator installed.Wheelchairs work best when fitted to a staircase rail that does not have frequent turns. However, if there are children in the house, wheelchair lifts must be locked  or otherwise protected from misuse or damage that children may cause. It is extremely vital to educate children that wheelchairs are not toys or meant for fun rides.