Prevention of hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoid is usually the veins which get swollen due to some kind of irritation or excessive pressure. These veins are found in the anus as well as in the rectum. Rectum can be pressurised due to various reasons. So you cannot blame a particular reason for the hemorrhoid.

The pressure which is put causes the blood to swell the walls of the rectum veins and when the pressure is extreme the veins often burst. There are certain symptoms of this problem. Hemorrhoid can cause itching, burning and bleeding. When you find that you are going through these symptoms then you must seek for immediate relief.

Some of the common causes of hemorrhoid are putting pressure during the bowel movements, lifting heavy weight items, coughing, childbirth, sitting for a long time and diarrhea. If you want to prevent hemorrhoid then you need to avoid these causes. But it is not possible to be practically avoiding them.

You can do nothing about childbirth or coughing. So you should keep in mind that whatever you do make sure that you do not put unnecessary pressure in the buttock muscles. But you can take some precautions where other factors are concerned.

You may be in the habit of sitting in the same posture for a long periods which may put pressure on the rectum veins. These days the jobs demand that you sit and do your work. This can create a lot of problem for you. You should not sit in the same position for long periods. Keep switching positions after short intervals.

Sit in a way that it does not put pressure on your rectum veins directly. Try to stand up or walk whenever you get a break from your work. You also need to keep another thing in mind. Avoid spending long periods in the washroom. This sitting position can also cause problem. If you can follow this tip then you can prevent your hemorrhoid.

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