I Have Good Reasons to Drink Only Distilled Water

My reasons are that I have to swallow a lot of capsules each day

There is no shortage of types of water, however what kind of water meets my special needs? Over time, I have chosen to use distilled bottled water. These are my reasons.

I must take many capsules daily. A lot means almost 50 pills daily. Clearly, this is a big number. I have to make sure that I swallow each and every one of them without getting to sick to take them.

For example, I developed osteoporosis and have needed to swallow calcium pills each day

As a result of the drugs I that needed to have, I now have other aliments. I have to swallow more pills to counter these ailments. One situation is that I have gotten osteoporosis and have had to get down calcium pills each day.This is because of all of the Prednisone, because of pretty severe Crohns disease. As a result, I am required to swallow an extra couple of calcium osteoporosis supplements to help with my osteoporosis. That is the reason why I have to get down so many more pills than most people. As I swallow these pills, I am often distracted by the chemicals that have been added to the water that flows out of our pipes.

I’m not sure why, but my county gets water with lots of chlorine. I can really smell it. The water company sends quality notices that say the local water has a lot of chemical additives. I’m pretty shocked by this.

I expect that some chemicals would be there, because the water flows out of nature. Nevertheless, some of the other stuff is shocking. The water district services a large population, and they want to make certain that the water is safe to drink. Pay attention to the water quality reports that come with your water bill, and you’ll see what I mean. While ignorance might seem to be bliss, understanding these water additives is important.

With distilled bottled water, I can get down all my drugs and vitamins

One time a friend arrived for a holiday and we had a conversation about chemicals added to the water. Because he travels for a living, and he told me that he always carries distilled water. Why distilled, I questioned? He said that it’s the only water knows he won’t get sick on. Besides, he can get it in any market.

I thought that was interesting. In the past, I had just used distilled water for baby wipes that had dried out. After this conversation, my Crohns has gotten somewhat worse. Due to my health, I now have to get down more pills. In addition to my Crohn’s drugs, I also must take supplements, including multivitamins and some extra vitamins along with a calcium pyruvate supplement because of dietary deficiencies.

Crohns Disease causes me to be get sick from smells that make it so that I can’t keep my medicine down. So, I’ve decided to drink only distilled water, because I must always take all my drugs and vitamins daily.