Food to Minimize Your Chances Heartburn

Usually when people who have acid reflux think about food they focus on foods they need to avoid. But what can you eat? What is a good food for heartburn? Here are three safe bets.

For a long time dairy products were the mainstay of the treatment of “acid stomach”. The reason is because dairy products tend to promote production of mucus that coats the stomach and they also neutralize acid. The same effects make them a safe food for people suffering fromacid reflux.

If you have heartburn, you’ll likely find that you can tolerate dairy products such as milk, cheeses and cottage cheese.

Naturally, talking dairy product brings up the question of lactose intolerance. If you have this problem you definitely need to use digestive enzymes.

If you want to avoid dairy foods because you’re a vegetarian or for other reasons, you can try soy milk. Most people will tolerate soy milk well and find it at least as soothing as dairy products, even if they aren’t vegetarian.

Most vegetables are safe to eat if you have acid reflux. The main exceptions are onions and tomatoes. You’ll be fine with almost all of vegetables. Go ahead and try vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, peas, corn, celery, carrots, cabbage, lettuce and so on.

It’s good that the list of acceptable vegetables is quite large. Enjoying a wide variety of fruits and vegetables is a cornerstone of healthy eating.

The third group of foods safe for acid reflux that I want to mention is protein sources. In general, lean beef and poultry and fish would not be a problem. This is also true of eggs.

I think you agree that it is possible to eat quite a varied diet staying with foods that are good for acid reflux.

Remember how much you eat is important. If you need a large volume of food at any one time, you increased pressure and stomach and therefore increase the likelihood of reflux no matter which food you’ve eaten.

Many people can virtually eliminate their symptoms with diet methods alone. You can find out more at Foods for Acid Reflux.

An unfortunate fact is that many people will have symptoms associated with acid reflux even if they’re careful with their diet. For these people Treat Acid Reflux Now is a good source of information on all aspects of acid reflux, including natural treatment options.

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