Finding The Best Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss treatments have come some way in the last few decades. No longer does a balding man have to resort to surgical implants or wearing a hairpiece. Let’s find out more.

There are currently two FDA approved drugs for treating hair loss.

Minoxidil was originally a drug used for treating high blood pressure. But a pleasant side effect of stopping hair loss was discovered. Some men reported their hair loss stopping and even experienced regrowth of hair in their receding hairline area and bald spots.It comes in the form of a liquid or foam to be applied to the head. Unfortunately there are side effects. For instance, Wikipedia lists chest pain, decreased sexual desire, irregular heart beat and many more.

Finasteride was originally a drug for men with prostate enlargement. But many men also found that it stopped their hair loss. Unfortunately there are side effects such as breast gland enlargement and erectile dysfunction.

Minoxidil  usually comes as a liquid or a foam and must be rubbed into the scalp daily. There are two strengths available. Men will experience greater hair regrowth with the stronger version but the side effects are also more severe. You should monitor your blood pressure while using Minoxidil as it can lower the blood pressure significantly.

Laser Treatment

Low level lasers have recently been used to promote hair regrowth. They work in the same way to the drugs. Hair follicles stop producing hair when they become starved of healthy nutrients and blood flow. This is partly due to a natural hormone byproduct called DHT.  Stimulating the hair follicles will move DHT away from the hair follicles and also give the best nutrient flow to the hair follicle. You don’t need drugs to achieve this when a laser will do.

Unfortunately, laser treatments are very expensive. Also, as with all good treatments, you need to use them often and for the rest of your life. This is not a problem for most men but the monetary cost of laser treatments is. Expect to pay out several thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, over a lifetime.

Natural cures often get a bad press because there are many con artists out there selling useless remedies.  For example, there are a number of natural hair supplements out there that claim to stop your hair loss. Whilst nutrition is important and I do advise getting specific nutrients in your diet, they alone will not stop your hair loss and are only part of the solution. So please be skeptical of any claims by supplement manufacturers that a single pill will be the magic bullet cure for your hair loss.

The principle is very similar to the drugs above – specific substances can encourage circulation and better nutrition to the hair follicles, as well as inhibit DHT – the male androgen linked to male pattern baldness.

Do you enjoy combing over that bald spot? Wish you could stop balding and even regrow some of your old hair back?  If you want to experience new hair growth and eliminate your bald spots and receding hairline the Hair Loss Conquered book might be just the solution your looking for. This is a great step-by-step instructional guide to stopping your hair loss and regrowing your hair.