Alcohol detox… the therapist

When you stop drinking you will go through Alcohol drug detox which is basically the withdrawal effects. The withdrawal effects from Alcoholism detox can be very severe depending on the level of alcohol consumption, the age of the patient, etc. Alcohol rehabilitation is probably more important than the alcohol detox itself because it seeks to address the underlying issues which have caused the addiction the first place. The alcohol detox therapist will take part in all of these processes. Some of these therapists are going to have a better effect than others. The patient’s needs and problems need to be understood well, this is done by a good therapist. They also have the ability to be more empathetic and supportive. The capability of using outside resources to the patient’s benefit is another area where therapists excel, also in keeping the patient goal focused.

Unfortunately because of the bad economy that we are living in now money is short and therapists are in short supply so you have to take what we can. Bad Alcohol detoxification therapy, and bad therapists, are identified by not listening to and blaming the patient they can also be accused of being controlling and intrusive. These bad therapists also show signs that they will avoid problems that they find difficult to handle, they can be psychologically distant from their patients, and worst of all will a bad therapist will only be interested in themselves.

This is not to say that the job of the therapists is an easy one. For instance it is very difficult sometimes to deal with unruly patients, patients who are arriving intoxicated, or just don’t turn up for the session. Crises or the threat of a crises seem to be a large part of the lives of some alcoholics and substance abusers. Unfortunately a lot of the time alcoholics and drug abusers will fall foul of the law and will have to deal with the justice system. It’s often very difficult for anyone to admit that they have an alcohol problem and try and seek out help. So you would expect that anyone who makes those difficult choices is going to receive the best help. The government will save money for the taxpayer in the long-term by helping to cure the problems of alcohol abusers and other substance abusers. But they also have a moral duty to help these people.