Addressing emotional concerns today

One of the unique things we experience as humans are emotions. Emotions are very powerful parts of being human.  Emotions such as love, joy, pain, anger, etc. are very powerful emotions we experience.  But often times it is because we are so emotional we can get into trouble.

I would like to talk about two very powerful emotions that in a few situations, require professional attention.  They are anger and depression.Two emotions that are seemingly different are emotions that can cause major problems.  I have seen it first hand as a family therapist San Diego.

It is a fact that both issues are big problems because both can be causes of violence.  In the case of anger it can lead to violence against others.In problems like depression, the violence can end up being directed toward one’s self.

When you are referring to things like anger, it is a very emotionally charged situation.As I said earlier, it is an emotion that has to be taken control of.Because as you probably are already aware, people will do bad things if they are very angry.It does not necessarily need to be physical, it also can come in the form of emotions.  If that is the case you need to address it through anger management San Diego.

Now when talking about depression, this issue is a serious problem as well.It is a dangerous problems, because sometimes you might not even know about it.In others words you could possibly not even know when someone you love is going through depression.  When that happens, terrible things happen that weren’t expected.  Things like suicide.  I have seen it happen to often as a depression counselor.

If you feel you are experiencing depression, address it quickly.Because before you can even think about it, the situation could have gone too far.Loved ones of yours could even possibly miss it and not be aware of it.  When that happens it can be too late.So treat it early and quickly.  It can be helped. 

As you will notice, emotions are in general good things.But problems can come about through them.  By learning to deal with the problem emotions can be helpful.It matters not how you take care of it, either you or somebody else addresses it, but be sure to take care of it.