A Friday Evening Out With Pals From College at a Local College Disco Leads To Hazardous and Irresponsible Drinking and Symptoms of an Alcohol Overdose

When Janice was in high school, she had established a reputation as a person who studied much of the time and who rarely, if ever, ”got down” and drank with her friends. She seemed passionate about “shining” academically so that she would be able to pursue a career that she not only benefited from but one that also gave her some monetary security.

After much consideration, in due course she made up her mind that she wanted to be an attorney. In order to bring this about, nevertheless, she would first have to attend four years of undergraduate education.

After Graduating From High School Janice Gets Accepted Into A Celebrated Undergrad University as Training For a Career as an Attorney

After Janice completed high school, she applied to and was accepted into a prestigious program in linguistics. Her reasoning for this decision was that this academic discipline would be good preparation for law school and wouldn’t be indistinguishable from the preponderance of law school applicants who choose political science as their undergraduate major or minor.

After graduating with a 3.75 GPA at the undergraduate level, she applied to and was accepted at an outstanding law school at one of the Big 12 universities.

She was enthusiastic about her legal studies but every now and then she was flooded with all the work that was required at law school. Similar to her high school and undergraduate days, nevertheless, she made friends effortlessly but very infrequently participated in social activities until the semester had ended.

After Feeling Overjoyed That She Had Done a Super Job on Her Finals, Janice Wanted to Take a Break and do Some Celebrating

Janice was the type of person who worked vigorously to finish what she started and then would take some time off when she could. As is the case, nevertheless, the vast majority of the things she did between school sessions or during her summer vacations did not have much to do with drinking. It almost goes without saying that Janice was anything but a partygoer. Now that her final examinations for her second year in law school were completed and pleased that she had done extremely well on her finals, nevertheless, she wanted to let her hair down and do something besides school work for a change.

Drinking at a Local Bar and Grill Results in Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning, Calling The Emergency Number, and An Ambulance Ride to The Rehab Hospital

So Janice and a number of her friends from school went to a local bar and grill where they started to have a few drinks. As the hours flew by, Janice persisted in drinking without having a care in the world about homework the next day. If truth be told, Janice stated to her pals how much fun it was to ”get down” and drink with her pals from school.

As the evening proceeded, Janice and her pals continued to drink. In actual fact, she was having such a great time that she didn’t want the night to end. It was almost like she was making up for lost time and attempting to compress a year’s worth of enjoyment and fun into a single evening. Such a “game plan,” it needs to be emphasized, seldom works. In fact, when Janice went to the powder room and vomited, her classmates started to feel apprehensive about her health.

Around fifteen minutes later when Janice started to slur her speech, talk in a confused manner, and then fall unconscious, nonetheless, her buddies promptly realized that they needed to call 911, the emergency services number, and ask for emergency assistance because they believed that Janice was displaying alcohol poisoning symptoms.

Once Janice was in the drug and alcohol rehab hospital, the head physician corroborated what her friends had hypothesized, to be exact, that Janice had significantly more alcohol than her body could handle and, consequently, she experienced an alcohol overdose.

After the medical team pumped her stomach until no gastric contents were detectable, Janice was relocated to the recovery room. After staying roughly three hours in recovery, Janice was then wheeled to one of the regular hospital rooms. Fortunately, the most dangerous part of her hospitalization was over and all of her vital signs were normal once again.

In response to Janice’s hospitalization, her classmates kindheartedly phoned her Mom and Dad. Consequently, early the next day, her Mom and Dad and her best buddies went to the hospital to visit Janice and look into her medical condition.

Janice Narrowly Escapes Death, is Thankful to be Alive, and Promises to Never Again Drink in an Abusive Manner

Janice was attentive to the fact that she had dodged a bullet and, as a consequence, was grateful to be alive. Her Mom and Dad realized how hard she worked at college and how little she permitted herself to socialize with her buddies. Nonetheless, they also knew that Janice needed to keep away from irresponsible drinking.

As a result, they recommended that down the road, whenever a drinking circumstance presents itself, that she always drink responsibly and in moderation. Janice was in agreement with this and swore to her friends and to her Mom and Dad that she would never again drink in an excessive and irresponsible manner. In her own words, “I never had a clue that I would become one of the alcohol abuse and alcoholism statistics in the local college newspaper. I now realize that hazardous drinking is not for me. I declare that this will never happen again.”

Fortunately, Janice was not only “book smart” but she also had a lot of common sense. Stated differently, she rapidly understood that she had made a mistake and made up her mind that she would never make the same mistake again. In point of fact, she now realized that she had involved herself in “binge drinking” and that even one instance of this kind of hazardous drinking can end in death.