What Is Heartburn and What Should You Do about It?

What is heartburn? The straightforward response is heartburn is a a burning sensation in the lower chest. Since most people associate the heart as being in this area this burning sensation came to be called “heartburn”.

Although your heart is not on fire, the phrase is not as far off base as you may think. You see, most heartburn is due to acid reflux. Acid reflux means the acid from the stomach is backing up into the esophagus which doesn’t have a lining that can handle it. Acid in the esophagus burns the esophagus the same way acid would burn your skin. The esophagus doesn’t have the same protective lining that the stomach has.

So even though the heart isn’t involved there really is some burning going on.

Now that you know that heartburn is caused by acid reflux is not surprising that many treatments for the problem are aimed atcounteracting the acid.

It’s very important to keep in mind that pain in the chest actually can come from the heart. don’t assume that persistent chest pain is something trivial. Even though most people describe pain originating from the heart as a “pressing” or “crushing” sensation, sometimes it can be confused with heartburn. if you have any doubt the safest thing is to see a doctor or visit an emergency room.

For many people heartburn is just an occasional annoyance. Simply paying a little bit of attention to diet and maybe taking some antacids takes care of the problem.

However heartburn can sometimes be a much more serious issue. People with severe and persistent heartburn definitely should seek out effective treatments. Persistent acid burning of the esophagus is not only uncomfortable, it can lead to complications.

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As you’ll discover, you don’t need to suffer with heartburn. Effective treatment is available and most often you won’t need to resort to potent drugs to find relief.