Wet and Dry Mineral Foundation

mineral foundation is appealing to people for many reasons. But they do not want to give up the coverage that liquid foundation provides. They do not realize that one of the great things about mineral foundation is that it can be used wet or dry. Both methods have advantages. You should know how to use mineral foundation wet and dry. This will enable you to use the best method for your skin’s current condition.

Always use a special horsehair brush to apply mineral foundation. You should plan to use this brush whether you use the foundation wet or dry. Just keep the brush very clean so that you can reuse it daily.

Dry mineral foundation gives you very light coverage. This does not mean that irregularities will show. It just means that foundation will feel light on the surface of your face. But you will be able to layer on mineral powder foundation to cover lines and irregularities.

Here are some positive effects of using mineral foundation as dry powder:

* It uses light to camouflage lines, wrinkles and creases. This will minimize physical evidence of aging. The mica reflects a bit better when applied dry rather than wet.

* It feels as if you are not wearing makeup. The powder will create a smooth, natural surface.

* You can sleep in dry mineral foundation. Of course it is always better to remove makeup. Dry mineral foundation will not block your pores and cause the aging that liquid foundations can.

To apply the mineral foundation you will swirl the horsehair brush around in the powder. Tap the excess powder off the brush. Apply the powder to your face while using a circular motion. Keep applying layers until you have the look you want. The end result will look bright and natural. You can apply more cosmetics like blush or bronzer over the mineral foundation.

Others prefer to use wet mineral foundation. They believe that this gives them better coverage. This is largely a personal preference since mineral foundation covers evenly either way. Using mineral foundation wet makes you look slightly more “made up” and glamorous. This look may be less natural, but people may find it more professional. It provides a smooth palate for additional makeup. Apply mineral foundation wet by first dipping the brush in dry mineral powder. Tap the powder off the brush and into your palm or the lid. Do not get the entire mineral foundation wet at once. Moisten the brush and swirl the foundation around. This will make a liquid mineral foundation. Blend with your fingers and the brush.

You can wear your mineral foundation wet or dry. You will enjoy your look and the feel of your skin with your mineral foundation.